Registry Winner is a top-ranking error-resolution technology and award-winning Registry software which will fix the computer errors, optimize the system speed and safeguards your Privacy by ensuring all traces of your online Internet and computer activities permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC.

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A free version of Registry Winner is available for you to try out. The free version has some limited functionality. You can scan your computer and detect errors. To remove all the detected items you will need to purchase the full version by going to:

When you have filled in the relative information, click the NEXT STEP button, and you need to pay for Registry Winner by going to:

After you completing your personal information click the Pay Now button, we will send you a serial number. Then you should return to the Registry Winner website where you will receive your Serial Number. You could also check your serial number in your emai-box.

When you have received your serial number from us by email, you can enter it and enjoy all the functionality of the full version of Registry Winner.
Click the Help/Options button in the Main interface and click the “Register” button in which you should enter your serial number or you can also directly click the  “Register” button in the right-top of Registry winner. This will bring up a small popup that will allow you to insert your Serial Number. Then press the Register button. You are now registered! In this way, you can activate the software and admire it fully.

Get Serial Number
 If you have purchased it, there are two ways to find your serial numbers.
1): Please log on to and input the e-mail address when you purchased, you will find your serial number displayed there.
2): Login your email address to check your serial number, because we have sent the serial number to your email box when you finished the order.

If you have not ordered Registry Winner, please first purchase it at and then we will send you a serial number.

Copy and Paste the Correct Serial Number
As to how to copy and paste the serial number, you could follow these hints: first, select the serial number; second,use the keys “ctrl+c” at the same time to copy it; third,use the keys “ctrl+v” at the same time to paste the serial number on the required area. In that case, you will finish pasting the correct serial number.


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